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Elite Physiotherapy from a World Class Facility in Chester

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Identify your injury through detailed history and movement analysis. Plan realistic targets and action these with precise exercise rehabilitation. Gain information, guidance and support to help accomplish your goals.


Receive informative and detailed advice on how best to reduce injury risk. Specific training plans formulated to make you strong, flexible and resilient.


Holistic support to help you reach the next level. Analysis on functional movement, athlete profiling, general health and well being education and psychological conditioning in sport. Changing weaknesses into strengths.

Session Cost: £50
6 Session Rehab Bundle Cost: £270


My journey as a professional football player and as a passionate physiotherapist better enables me to understand both the physical and psychological impact of injury. My aim is to give patients the education and support needed to not only overcome their injury, but to also optimise their performance once fully recovered. Specific, tailored exercise rehabilitation in a world class facility to help you achieve your goals.

Jason Oswell Telford Footballer
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Jason Oswell Physiotherapy was started in 2019 with the aim of providing athletes of all levels the kind of support previously only accessible to professional sports teams. 


I have since worked with athletes from many avenues, including Professional Footballers, World Class Boxers, International Hockey Players, MMA Superstars, Hyrox champions, alongside competitive amateurs from a broad range of sports.


Athletes have presented with a wide variety of injuries, including ACL ruptures, Shoulder Dislocations, Broken bones, Achilles ruptures, Muscular tears and many more.


Uniquely, I operate from an elite level gym which provides athletes with the perfect environment to optimise their rehabilitation and feel part of a community that drives high performance.


My evidence based approach to recovery derives from an NHS background, voluntary work abroad and my visiting lecturer role at the University of Chester. I have further reinforced my knowledge base by taking a Sports Physiotherapy Msc degree which is due to be completed in 2024.


Throughout my own sporting career I have been exposed to many injuries and I understand recovery can be a bumpy ride. Times will be tough, but together we will prevail stronger.

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Athlete Factory, Hare Lane, Chester, CH37DB

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